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Moroccan Berber rug Art

Join us as we celebrate This fantastic artform

From the harshness of the sahara comes the softest touch...

Moroccan Berber Rugs

Moroccan home interior

by Joe gallagher.


On our travels through Marrakech, we couldn't help but be taken aback by the sheer number of Moroccan rug sellers and traders. Buyers and retailers visit there from all over the world to purchase rugs and carpets to sell back in their home countries, so it is a thriving trade for the locals. We were incredibly thankful we stumbled upon East Unique a retailer of Moroccan rugs, Moroccan pouffes/Moroccan poufs, Moroccan pottery, argan oil, Moroccan lighting, basically anything 'Moroccan home interiors' they sell worldwide. We especially fell in love with vintage Moroccan Berber rugs and carpets. Its astounding how something that originated in a place that feels set in ancient times could look so incredibly modern. The abstract designs, motifs, and Berber symbolism make for what can only be described as stunning works of art - we are now well and truly hooked. Moroccan Leather Pouffes/poufs are also in big demand, be careful with these though you can get some real stinkers, literally. Some manufacturers use a poor quality leather that has a not too nice odor, again we found East Unique's pouffes to be the very best of all that we found, amazingly quality and they look stunning. Back to the Moroccan rugs, the now famous Beni Ourian white with black diamond-shaped lines just look breathtaking. The work that must go into these to make them by hand is truly staggering, and the final outcome of the product is mind blowing, I honestly don't think I have seen better-looking factory made rugs anywhere here in the west.

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